Gold Plan

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"The outer arm was broken on our chair, which matches our couch and we were afraid we would have to "junk" the chair. The Guardsman technician repaired our broken chair and you cannot even tell it was broken-very good work and prompt service.  It's like new.  Very happy - can't even tell it was broken."

Sally N. Greenfield, IN

"The release handle for my middle recliner seat of my 3 seat theater sofa broke off. We were upset, now it wouldn't recline... we used it a lot.  Guardsman fixed the problem. They were always friendly.  It looked and handled like brand new.  I was very happy that we could use it again."

Deanna T. Las Vegas, NV

"The cable connection on the recliner was broken.   I was annoyed that it broke and I couldn't use the reclining feature. The Guardsman technician did the repair quickly and described why the mechanism broke and how he fixed it.  I was glad it was fixed."

Patricia F. Bowie, MD

"Our cocktail table is used daily and enjoyed by me and my family. So when I damaged it with the nail polish remover, I was upset. The Guardsman technician arrived early, did his job thoroughly, and quickly, and the result was fantastic!  After the spot was smoothed over, it looked almost as good as new. I was thrilled because the table looked so good, and very thankful that I purchased the Guardsman plan."

Amber P. Branson, MO

"It was a sagging seat.  Thought the chair was permanently broken.  He was very thorough. Fixed the footrest so it goes all the way down again and tightened the screws.  Great!  I can still sit in it!"

Raquel R. Albuquerque, NM

"There was a wiring problem and my chair did not work.  The technician fixed it; it works.  I am satisfied."

Roger P. Sauk Village, IL

"It was a very expensive swivel chair that began to sag on one side and would not spin. I had only had the chair a little over a year and had taken good care of it. I was very disappointed when the chair broke and now it works like it did in the beginning. Obviously I was satisfied."

Jeremy B. Roselle, IL

"A board broke just under the seat cushion of my sofa. It looks great!  The technician did a very nice job."

Margie G. Fishers, IN

"I had a small seam separation and a loose mechanism on my piece of furniture. The repair was done very well and I was impressed."

Jodie P. Hampton, VA

"I was so upset when I saw the stain (like anybody else who has purchased a big ticket item less than one month prior). The stain was on a cushion and now the cushion looks like new. I am so very happy."

Lauren B. Glendale, AZ

"We had a broken nail polish bottle on the wood chair and fabric seat. The work done was perfect, you can't even tell anything happened. The technician returned the chair back to the way it looked before the accident!"

Tim P. Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

"There were three springs that broke on one part of the couch.  I was upset since I only had the couch just under two years!  I cannot see the way the repair looks but it's a lot better to sit on!  I was happy that it was fixed.  The technician was very polite and fixed our couch quickly!"

Jessica H. Las Vegas, NV

"We were disappointed when we found the damage to the furniture. The furniture looks just as it did when it was new.  We are very happy.  The serviceman was very nice and  provided options for the repair.  He did a great job repairing the furniture."

Greg B. Hemet, CA

"My grandson had thrown-up on our sofa and because it is a La-Z-Boy we were unable to get between the cushions to thoroughly clean it up.  The smell was terrible and now you would never know it happened.  It's Like New!  I'm very happy and relieved. The technician was very polite and knowledgeable.  He went through the cleaning steps with me before he started and before he left made sure I was please!"

Michael C. Phoenix, AZ

"There was a broken spring in my furniture.  The technician did a nice job and I am very happy with the results."

Donald B. Groveland, MA

"I felt awful.  My granddaughter, who was in toilet training, had an accident.  The gentleman that came to clean it was kind, courteous, educated, and quick.  It looked great; still wet at first, but when dry, later that day, it looked good.  I was very satisfied!" 

Timothy G. Manchester, CT

"There was a rip at seam.  I felt dismayed, but it is good as new now. We were a bit surprised as we couldn't even see where the tear at been."

Felice H. Fountain Hills, AZ

"My one son vomited on the couch and my other son wrote on it with a pen. We were very upset!  The job he did looked great!  I felt completely at ease and the rep was extremely friendly and very knowledgeable!" 

Jennifer C. Orlando, FL

"Two pieces of wood, running front to back, had dropped from the frame into the lining of the sofa.  The technician found that the wood was actually stapled to the frame and not screwed in.  He used a clamp to screw the wood to the frame -- an instant success with sitting on the sofa!  Repair was made very professionally; the sofa looks great. The sofa belongs to my son, who is very picky.  He thought the repair was excellent and couldn't believe how much better it was to sit on the sofa after the repair was made.  The technician arrived early and completed the repair very quickly.  He took great care to protect other items around the sofa and put everything back in its place.  He was very professional and thorough."

Barbara T. Hartwell, GA

"My Lazy-z-Boy recliner couch had a pet stain.  It turned out great and I felt quite relieved.  The service by the technician was fine."

Harold C. Beverly, MA

"I got a food stain on my furniture…I saw it happen.  It looks great.  The stain is gone. Our technician, Roger, was great."

Lois V. Papillion, NE

"I had a stain on the furniture and it was discoloring.  We were so disappointed when we saw it.  He did a very good job and it looks GREAT!" 

Jo Ann H. Matteson, IL

"We had a human urine stain on the furniture and were EXTREMELY UPSET!   The tech was helpful; he explained what he was doing and how the stains were being removed. It is just like new."

Heather M. Vienna, VA

"My son vomited on our couch. I was grossed out!  The stains and smell were gone.  I am so satisfied."

David G. Flushing, NY

"The problem was with my recliner chair. Fine. Very good Because they handled the repair expediently and we've had no further problems."

Barb D. Aurora IL

"Oops, there was a pet accident; annoyed. The service tech was knowledgeable, thorough, and courteous. It is as good as new!  Very pleased with the results."

Rey B. San Diego, CA

"There was some kind of grease or similar stain. I was upset because it was a new sofa. All stain gone. Wow!  It looked beautiful. I was relieved and pleased.  The technician was friendly, knowledgeable, efficient.  He answered all questions thoroughly and he was on time." 

Lisa M. Martinsburg, WV

"We have two Owen select recliners that our dog got on after being outside and injuring himself.  He preceded to licked his wounds.  It left the chairs smelling with a really bad dog smell and some light stains on the chairs. I was extremely happy to remember that we were covered by Guardsman.  They looked like new again.  I was elated!  He was able to renew our chair to their original condition. Greg Renn, our tech, was extremely knowledgeable and forthcoming on what needed to be done.  He completed the task in a timely manner."

Amanda G. San Antonio, TX

"My granddaughter is being potty trained and she had two accidents on two separate pieces of furniture. The cleaning process he used seemed to be much more effective in cleaning the cushions of the sofa. The stains were gone. I was satisfied."

Bryan and Kim E. Copaigue, NY

"The support for the cushion was gone, it was disappointing that this had happened. It is back to normal now. I felt like the job had been taken care of and I was thankful!  They did what was asked of them." 

Steven N. Summerville, SC

"I had a pet stain and the young gentleman took care of it.  It looks good! I was surprised he did such a good job...Great guy!  He had skills!"

Barbara M. Bethesda, MD

"There was an ink pen mark- I watched it occur.  It looks perfect and I'm happy because the ink is gone and there is no stain left behind.  The technician was very quick and effective." 

Natica N. Jackson, MS

"I had a broken arm rest on the left front side of my piece of furniture.  He did a great job fixing it.  I am pleased; there was no problem taking care of the damage."

Greg P. Huntersville, NC

"Two springs had worked themselves out of bottom of sofa.    I wasn't too concerned because of having purchased the warranty.  It looks and works (recliner) perfectly.  I was happy to have it repaired.  The technician was very professional and explained in detail what happened and why."

Lirland S. Niles, MI

"Something broke inside the chair.  The technician was a nice man and very competent.  The chair looks great - there was nothing visible due to this problem.  Good job!"

James B. Lewis Center, OH

"My grandson got chocolate milk all over the back cushions of the couch. The technician was very nice and got right to work.  He knew what he was doing and it looked good. I was satisfied." 

Lillian P. Lincoln, DE

"Finding a stain is not a happy time. Especially when my wife finds it before I do. Not long and I felt fine; the stains were gone.  Our technician was very nice and took care to make sure everything was taken care of."

Howard M. Bonita, CA

"Our chair came apart. Very surprised for the money we paid for the chair.  The technician fixed it.  It looked good!"

Elizabeth C. Thousand Palms, CA

"We had a tear in our furniture piece and broken glass on the table.  Both are like new. Good job!" 

William S. Winter Garden, FL

"My sofa had a urine stain. I was very upset about the stain but now it looks new. Very happy with the results. I believe the sofa was cleaned thoroughly. The service technician was pleasant to interact with and thorough with her service."

Curtis M. San Diego, CA

"There was a red ink mark on my furniture.  The tech was quick and knowledgeable and did a very nice job.  It looked good!" 

Brad S. Stephens City, VA

"The stain was from pet urine and I was relieved that I had stain coverage. It looks the same as the day I bought it .I was relieved that the smell was gone."

Traci E. Olathe, KS

"Our dog had gotten sick but I was not too worried because we had the Guardsman plan.   The technician was very courteous and did great.  No complaints."

Joyce C. Russell, Ontario, Canada

"I had to have dog drool stains clean. I was very upset when I found it. The tech was on time and helpful.  I was relieved for he did a very good job."

Kathy S. Kansas City, MO

"My sofa had a pet stain. I was so annoyed with my dog, again!  The tech is very good at the cleaning of the furniture and very pleasant to deal with.  It is like new. I am very pleased."

Chris R. Aurora, IL

"I had a stain from nail polish remover.  He did an excellent job!  I was very happy and overwhelmed by the awesome results.  The tech was extremely knowledgeable and very professional." 

Angela B. Lafayette, IN

"Several springs broke in our loveseat. I was very disappointed as we have just had this a little over a year and only two adults use this furniture. It looks like it did prior to being broken.  I was very pleased as it looked like new."

Shiela O. Simi Valley, CA

"We had pen ink writing on couch and I was upset at first  It looks brand new. I was very impressed and very happy to know that it all came out. The service was great and the gentleman was very nice and helpful."

Michael M. Los Angeles, CA

"My dog had an accident on my sofa.  Now, it is like brand new!  Pleased with the results.  The technician very courteous and professional."

Tiffany S. Houston, TX

"I was glad I had taken out the protection plan. The pieces were replaced with materials superior to the original pieces.  I was very satisfied. I did not have to come out of pocket with extra money.  He came in, evaluated the problem, returned with the correct materials, did the job and left all in a timely matter and I was able to get to work on time."

Pam K. North Potomac MD

"The furniture stain was spilled coffee on the left side of our lounge chair. We didn't feel too bad because we have a Guardsman protection plan. The stain was completely removed and I was very pleased with the results; looked brand new."

Donna M. Highlands Ranch, CO

"A spring gave way.  I was devastated when I saw the front corner of the couch caved in.  It looks brand new.  Great!  It is very obvious that he fixed it.  The technician was VERY COURTEOUS AND PROFESSIONAL!"

Joann M. Las Vegas, NV

"I had a broken support wire on right side of couch, which caused the couch to be very uncomfortable and non-usable.  The area that was repaired looks and feels brand new.  I'm amazed."

Danita L. Florissant, MO

"There was a blood stain on the sofa cushion.  It is like new.  I felt satisfied that I made the right choice purchasing the Guardsman plan."

Julie H. West Grove, PA

"Our couch pretty much broke in half and I was devastated since we can't afford a new couch at this time. AMAZING!!   It's like nothing ever happened. We are very happy, satisfied and glad I got the protection plan."

Marsha B. Forest Park, IL

"Cat accident!  Really?  I was so mad at the cat!! Haha, now it is as good as new!  Thrilled!  The tech was awesome...I think his name was Jim? Great communication and very prompt."

Alysia M. Olathe, KS

"A very tiny chocolate stain from a frozen Snickers bar.  I felt ready to kill my husband!   I'm happy and glad it was resolved. The technician was great!"

Scott C. Scott C., Keller, TX

"My problem was a cough medicine stain on my furniture.  It is as good as new.  I felt great that it was cleaned!"

Tricia S. Holyoke, MA

"There were dog fluids on my furniture but, it looks clean now and I am satisfied." 

Jenna R. Lakewood, CA

"The baby spit up on the couch cushion.  I was very upset.  It looks like new which makes me very happy!  The tech was on time and preformed the work quickly and efficiently. "

Meera G. Davidson, NC

"There was something sticking out of the back of the couch.  We thought it was a spring but it turned out to be a board.  The fabric was not torn, just bulging.  I was amazed!  It looks perfect.  It was great!"

Shontaia R. St. Louis, MO

"My child took an ink pen to the couch. I was quite upset  by the damage it caused.  It is now as if the stain never occurred!  So relieved that the furniture was back to normal. The technicians were quick, tidy, and friendly." 

Vicki A. Houston, TX

"This was a relatively new piece of furniture and I felt sad to find dog urine on it. It now looks  good again."

Leigh C. Plano TX

"Well, I had a pet stain and I was annoyed with my doggie.  But, it is like new and that is Great! It's so clean and the process was easy.  I am satisfied." 

Jane J. St. Louis, MO

"There was a small hole on the back of he loveseat arm. The tech was very friendly and worked fast.  Did a great job!"

Whitney Y. Austin, TX

"Latex paint was the culprit, but, the furniture now looks as good as new.  I am very happy about that.  The service man was very polite and competent."

Chris S. Overland Park, KS

"One of my dogs urinated on a section of my sectional couch.  I was upset with the damage.  There was a potent odor but the couch section looks fine and there is no residual odor.  I was happy with the results.  It was clean. The technician showed up when he said he would.  The procedure was quick and the result was satisfactory." 

Brandie R. Mesa, AZ

"I had a chair with liquid stains.  It now looks fine.  Everything looked good." 

Kelly M. Coventry, RI

"The recliner had small cut and he did a good job repairing it.  The tech was very courteous."

Sharad C. Plainfield, IL

"I was so mad when I found out there was a stain on my one week old couch. It was car grease. It looks brand new now that the service technician cleaned my couch.  I am very happy because he got out the entire stain. He was very nice and fast."

Leslie P. Mount Juliet, TN

"Our recliner lost power.  The repair was done properly and we were very satisfied."

Tia C. Hemet, CA

"The handle to release the reclining mechanism broke off.  I felt it should have been made stronger. It looks like new and I felt happy because he fixed the mechanism so it worked easier.  The technician was quick and polite."

Mari K. Gurnee, IL

"I had a broken chair leg  The technician was very nice and did a fine job.  It looks fine."

Madeleine T. Oviedo, FL

"Some candle oil was  spilled on my tables and I  wasn't sure they could be repaired.  I was very upset. The tech was very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional.  He did an excellent repair on my tables. My tables looked new again! I was extremely satisfied with the repair work!"

Geneva S. Vinton, VA

"I had oil spill on the top part of the dresser.  I was really upset about it at the time, but, I am relieved now, as it looks better."

Jeanette L, Seymour, CT

"There was a water mark on my table.  The technician seemed knowledgeable and he provided the solution for my problem. The water mark disappeared and that was very satisfying, to say the least."

Wendy W. Sunrise, FL

"There was an oil/grease stain on the skirt of the sofa.  I'm not even sure how it got there.  The technician was courteous, worked quickly, and the spot was removed.  It is clean with no visible mark where the spot was located.  I am happy he did such a great job."

Carrie S. Wesley Chapel, FL

"I guess you get what you pay for!  The problem was under the cushion in the framework.  I am very satisfied with the work done by the technician.  You can't tell there was an issue anymore."

David A. West Hartford, CT

"We had grease from our dogs' paws and were so upset as the couch was less than a week old.  The technician was very professional, kind, and efficient.  It looks like new! I was so excited; it's as if the stains were never there."

Thomas B. Omaha, NE

"I had an oil stain on my chair.  The technician was very prompt and considerate. It looks like new and I am so satisfied."

Shawn M. Fairfax, VA

"I had Ink stains on the couch and was upset but relieved because I knew I had the service plan.  The tech was prompt, courteous, professional, and did a good job.  It is as good as new and that makes me so happy because we had a lot invested in that couch.  I would hate to have ruined it."

Kim B. Lanark, Ontario, Canada

"There were scratches on my coffee table.  It was sad that my newer furniture had visible scratches.  The technician was friendly, arrived on time, helpful, and did a good job.  The coffee table is like new again, scratch free!  I am happy that I got the Guardsman service."

Holly S. Orlando, FL

"The recliner rope broke on the chair.  The technician that was sent was very nice and we feel he did a good job.  We're quite satisfied with the work."

Sandra K. Ludlow, KY

"Nail polish on my furniture -  I was so mad!  The service man sent to the house was friendly and professional.  He did an awesome job.  I was relieved and amazed; I didn't think it would come out."

Anna S. Cape Elizabeth, ME

"The handle on my reclining sofa broke and I was very upset.  I believed the quality was not that great. The service technician was on time and was very professional.  I felt relieved that everything was back to normal.  The sofa looks good."

Grace S. Brookfield, CT

"I was so upset when I found a blood stain on my furniture.  The tech was quick, timely, very knowledgeable and a very good worker.  It looks as great as it did new.  I'm very impressed."

Tom K. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada