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As life happens, things get spilled, scratched or sometimes just stop working.  Protecting the products we buy means we keep our furniture looking great and our appliances and electronics running. That’s why at Guardsman, our consumer protection plans are designed to give you peace-of-mind. We offer a quick and easy online claims process, dedicated customer service agents, and a full suite of products so you can protect what you love.


The Guardsman® Furniture Protection Plan covers the accidental stains and damage of a life well-lived. Our online claims support, live customer service agents and support from over 3,000 technicians world-wide, you can furnish your home fearlessly.

The Guardsman consumer product plans cover your electronics, large and small appliances, jewelry, mobile phones, and more. Our online claims support, live customer service agents, and support from over 4,000 technicians in North America keep your products working as designed or they will be replaced.

Partner Inquiries

Guardsman’s premier suite of products include protection plans for all your customer’s needs. Learn more about our business and partner inquiries.

Customer Support

Our online support teams are here to assist you and offer peace-of-mind so you can go back to living your life. Learn more on how to contact us.