Wood Plan

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"Nail polish remover got on my nightstand.  I felt devastated because I thought my beautiful furniture was ruined.  The Guardsman technician did a great job on repair. It looks almost brand new.  I was happy because you couldn't see the awful damage anymore."

Jessica H. Payallup, WA

"My dresser drawer broke.  The technician professional,courteous and clean.  I felt great because it looked like it was never damaged."

Maria M. Astoria, NY

"There was a dent in the table top. I was upset that something happened to the table. It is less than a year old. The technician did a good job repairing the table.  The table looks much better and I'm happy that there was no more dent."


Richard Z. Winnipeg, Manitoba

"My table top had deep scratches.  The technician called ahead for an appointment and made his schedule to work with mine.  He was always pleasant and easy to work with.  I was very pleased.  He repaired and matched color very well."

Mary A. Wichita, KS

"My daughter's bed rails broke and I called Guardsman the next day. The technician was very polite and new what he was doing in a timely manner.  It looks great and is holding up perfect.  I felt great and happy that I purchased Guardsman plan."

Anna A. Escondido, CA

"The wooden support for the foot post was broken.  The Guardsman technician was very friendly and fixed the broken piece efficiently and in a timely manner.  The furniture remains in good repair.  I was relieved because I thought that the damage was much more severe than it actually was."

Rebecca W. Newport News, VA

"A screw on my chair broke through the wood and both needed to be replaced.  The Guardsman technician was vey courteous and nice. Very friendly. He did a great job fixing the chair. Looks good.  I'm happy with results because the chair was fixed and usable again."

Laura G. La Mesa, CA

"Nail polish remover took the wood finish off down to bare wood.  Felt sick to my stomach. The technician was very knowledgeable, very capable and talented repairman.  Now it looks brand new - can not tell where damage was.  I'm so relieved.  It was a better repair than I expected."

Jeff B. Norman, OK

"A visitor to our home broke a chair leg when he was getting up from the chair. Obviously I was very disappointed that the chair had broken. The repair to the chair cannot be detected!  I was very pleased."

Linda M. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"There were water marks on table and I felt terrible about it.  It now looks brand new. Fantastic!  I am so relieved."

Bryan B. Franklin, TN

"I had a bubble in my table and now it is just like new.  I am very satisfied with the work the technician did.

Anne Marie C. Spencerport, NY

"The damage was to the top of my dining room table.  The finish was removed.  I was so disappointed, however, no one could tell I had a repair to the table. It felt good to see it restored.  I couldn't wait to show it off again to my friends."

Delma T. Central Islip, NY

"There was a chip in the wood on footboard and I felt disappointed.  I am happy the damage wasn't noticeable.  The technician was thorough and made sure the repair matched."

Janine S. Stoneman, MA

"There was pink Kool-Aid stain on my daughter's white furniture. The pink is gone. The tech did a good job and took his time.  He obviously cares about his work and he represents Guardsman well."

Leigh C. South Amboy, NJ

"There was damage to the dining room set and the technician did a good job fixing it."

Nicole L. Missouri City, TX

"We had a cracked chair leg to our dining set.  I was upset because we need use of all our dining chairs.  The service tech explained what he could do to fix our chair leg, before he took it.  It looks good; the chair leg was glued and it set perfectly."

Debbie H. Bridgeport, CT

"One of the slats on the head/foot board of the bunk beds we have, was broken in half.  When this happened I was extremely frustrated.  The repair is good and if you don't know where to look you don't see the broken slat.  I felt relieved that the bed was repaired meaning that it was safe for my daughter to sleep in her bed again."

Michelle C. La Mesa, CA

"I found a scratch on my furniture and was understandably upset.  The tech was very helpful and went above and beyond to help us.  I was happy he was able to take care of it.  It looks just fine."

Harry B. Friendswood, TX

"There was a broken side rail on the bed.  I was disappointed it broke but relieved it was repairable.  The service tech was very helpful, knowledgeable and quick. I was relieved that he was able to fix it and overall satisfied."

Sandina M. Staten Island, NY

"A piece of wood on my bed rail broke in half. I was surprised because it broke in an odd spot.  The technician was very nice and did a good job. He cleaned up after himself, which was nice as well. I am satisfied with the work he did."

Jade K. Zionsville, IN

"The tech was an expert doing his job.  It was excellent.  It is unable to see where the scratch was. This is an excellent repair."

Patricia N. Orlando, FL

"There was a scratch on my table top.  It was very upsetting, but the repair was quick and the table looks like new.  I'm so very happy; it looks great."

Karen G. Brewster, NY

"The desktop finish had been melted and marred when an acetone-based glue leaked. The tech was very professional, prompt, and did a superb job of repairing the desktop.  I was amazed that he could restore it so completely, in my home, and in such a short time.  It is as good as new."

James B. West Chester, OH

"Leather from my husbands wallet stuck to the nightstand,  pulling off the finish.  I was upset about the damage.  The technician was great and very knowledgeable.  It looks just as it did before the damage.  I was so happy that it was able to be restored."

Cara H. Jacksonville, FL

"The frame of the bed broke and I was very upset.  The technician assured me that he could fix the frame and he did.  He did a great job and I am now able to sleep in my bed again!"

Ilise G. Merrick, NY

"There was a chip in the finish of my table top and I was disappointed in the quality of the finish.  The technician was knowledgeable, friendly, and thorough.  He did a fine job on the repair."

Lynn M. Argyle, TX

"There were several scratches in the top finish of my coffee table.  I was very upset since the furniture is only a month old. The scratches were removed and I was impressed with the patience of the technician and the quality of his work."

Bob H. Schererville, IN

"I had damage on my dining room table.  The technician that came to the house was professional and fast.  You cannot see where it was damaged anymore.  I am quite satisfied and happy that my table is looking new again."

Ziad A. Aurora, IL

"My table was punctured.  I felt no concern because I knew I had coverage.  The technician was a very pleasant person with a wealth of knowledge and also did an outstanding job on my table.  I felt so happy to see my table back in my house and having it look so good."

Monica P. Fort Wayne, IN

"Oh my, I had broken leg of one of my dining room chairs.  The service technician was quick and competent.  It is as good as new and I am a very satisfied consumer." 

Susan V. Pompton Lakes, NJ

"The entertainment system got scratched while my husband was trying to resolve a problem with our television.  I was pleased at the final results.  It  was very well done."

Ann-Margaret R. Charlotte, NC

"The king size bed frame had scratches on the  footboard.  The tech sent was prompt, courteous, and completed the task efficiently.  It looks new again and I am so satisfied."

Marcia F. Lucas, TX