Area Rug Plan

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In the past, I have dealt with contracts and service technicians and was not at all satisified with these others. I am very happy with the quality of your service.

Patricia Virginia Beach, VA

My white rug had red/pink cool aid spilled on it. I was sure it would not come out completely. The Guardsman technician got the stain out completely.  I am so very happy and satisfied it is gone.

Tina S. Chesterfield, MO Chesterfield, MO

My dog vomited on my new rug. I was mad about the vomit and relieved to have bought the protection plan.  The technician arrived promptly, was very courteous and explained the treatment procedure and results.   I am pleased because the rug looks like knew.  I can't tell where the spot was.

Jennifer F. Needham, MA

"Our dog threw up on the rug. We weren't worried because we knew we had service with Guardsman.  The technician had a high level of attention to detail. He was mindful of our new rug and surroundings, ensuring no collateral damage .A likeable technician and the  second time working with him. The rug is like new and we are satisfied."

Lilian D. La Jolla, CA

"I had a spill on the rug. I was not happy.  It now looks fine."

Robert F. Bethesda, MD

"My pet had urinated on the carpet and I was pretty angry. But now it looks fine. I felt relieved. The technician was knowledgeable and quick."

Angela M. Nokesville, VA

"You could not notice the stain when the technician left.  I was satisfied and glad that there are people to do quality work."

Lori G. De Pere, WI

"I had hoped the stain would come out. It looks brand new and that was exciting.  The technician went out if his way and very nice and friendly."

Tyler A. Chicago, IL

"My rug had a urine stain.  It looks like new and the stain has been totally removed.  I'm quite happy with the results."

Joni L. Omaha, NE

"We had just purchased the carpet a few weeks earlier and felt sick about the ugly stains.  The technician was very knowledgeable and explained what he was doing and why and explained the alternative methods that he did not use and why.  What stain?  I could not even find a trace and could not believe my eyes.  He made it appear very simple and easy."

Walter B. Chandler, AZ

"I found a urine stain on rug, left there by the family pet.  I was inconsolable at the time.  The tech was a good worker, very competent and courteous.  The stain is gone and am much happier.  Good job!"

Linda C. Tempe, AZ

"I had pet urine on the rug and was so very mad.  The tech was very polite and did a good job.  The rug looks great and I felt better because he did such a good job."

Rosalie H. Ponte Vedra, FL

"My carpet  had a pet stain.  The technician had the wrong phone number, but somehow ended up at my house.  He did a very good job and I was so glad I bought the warranty." 

Alma P. Dallas, TX