Leather Care – Prevent Scratches & Other Marks

With basic care and maintenance, leather looks great for years, even with daily use.

Though leather is tough, it can be scratched.  It is important to do whatever you can to prevent scratching leather because once a scratch appears, only a professional leather technician can repair it. The greatest threat to leather upholstery is from objects that are harder than the leather itself.

Scratch Prevention

Pets—Cats jumping up on leather furniture often leave claw marks, and more than a few pet owners have been horrified to find marks left by a teething puppy!  If pets are allowed on the furniture, it’s a good idea to place a blanket where they lay. A comfy pet cushion right nearby (but off the sofa!) is another good option for keeping your pet happy–and your furniture in good shape!

Clothing and shoes—Metal parts on clothing such as snaps, rivets on jeans, and belt buckles can do a number on leather furniture. Most clothing won’t harm leather, but before sitting down it’s always good to stop and think whether anything you’re wearing might leave a mark. And, as with all furniture, feet are best kept on the floor—at minimum, remember to take your shoes off before stretching out on the sofa.

Entertaining—Serving trays and utensils should never be placed on leather upholstery. Sharp edges, hot foods, and liquids all pose a danger to leather. Instead, place a low table nearby for serving snacks and beverages.

Moving day—Whether you’re moving furniture across town, or across the room, always remember to lift rather than pull. Dragging can stretch and damage leather upholstery. Also, be careful not to run leather furniture along walls as you move it. Textured finishes on plaster and drywall can easily scratch leather. And, be careful not to squeeze too tightly through door frames as that can be especially tough on any upholstery.

Kids—It’s impossible to prevent every mishap, but it’s important to discourage standing and jumping on furniture. Aside from the risk of leaving a scratch or gouge, that kind of rough use can damage the frame, as well.

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