Leather Care and Protection Products

Guardsman’s leather care products, specially-formulated in Italy by a world leader in the leather industry to care for, clean and protect leather furniture and keep it looking fresh. Whether you're cleaning leather, protecting it against stains and water, or trying to remove marks from your leather such as ink and permanent marker, Guardsman’s leather protection products use oil-free formulas that won’t damage your leather finish.

Caring for and Protecting Your Leather Furniture

Use Guardsman Leather Cleaner and Leather Protector to care for and preserve the original look and feel of leather upholstery. These oil-free formulas were created for Guardsman in Italy by a world leader in leather finishes, so you know that they will keep your leather looking and feeling great without harming the material. Our leather protection products are available as convenient wipes and ready-to-use liquids.

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Remove Marks and Stains from Your Leather Furniture

Created out of Guardsman’s years of professional experience protecting, cleaning and repairing leather furniture, Guardsman has products to remove tough stains that detract from the beauty of your leather furniture.

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