Mattress Plan

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"My son had an "accident" in my brand new queen sized bed. There was a small stain but being a new bed I was upset that it went through the mattress cover. The technician was very friendly and knowledgeable.  No stains or smell.  Very satisfied."

Jessica S. Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

"The problem was from bed wetting - I discovered the stain and odor. They did a good job and the odor is gone."

Tammy. H. Milford NH

"Our dog had an accident on our bed and I was frustrated.  The service man was professional and efficient. The bed is like new and that relieved me."

Sadina S. Omaha, NE

"The cat had vomited on the mattress. I was not to happy when I found that.  The technician was a very pleasant man and took the time to clean it properly.  It looks very good and I'm pleased that  it was handled professionally."

Jackie B. Stratford, Ontario, Canada

"I spilled a drink on my bed.   I was afraid the stain could not be removed. The stain was completely removed and the technician was nice and knowledgeable. It looks like new.  I was very satisfied the stain was removed."

Trey C. Jacksonville, FL

"I had a stained mattress and the knowledgeable, friendly technician arrived promptly and did a great job.  It looks fine."

Cindy A. Omaha, NE

"There were two small stains on the mattress pad that seemed to soak into the mattress.  The entire mattress was cleaned and looked like new.  I was very pleased to see the stain come right out and the mattress smelled fresh and clean."

Nikki U. Houston, TX

"My daughter wet the bed during the night.  Everything was fine with the work that the technician performed.  Good job!"

Bernie G. Olathe, KS