Leather Plan

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“There was a stain on my leather recliner. I attempted to clean it. I was distraught. No one would ever know it had been there. To it’s perfect.”

Leslie Glen Cove, NY

“There was a small tear on the back of the couch. I was upset but relieved that we had coverage. Now I’m happy with the outcome.”

Jacke Bossier City, LA

"My chair had a rip in the leather on the arm.  Knowing I had this coverage, I was not concerned as I know it would be repaired.  The technician was very nice and cordial and seemed to do very good work.  It looks very good.  The technician did a nice job making sure the color matched and it is not very noticeable. I'm very pleased.  They did a nice job."

Mike M. Omaha, NE

"The leather on my sofa had a tear. Couldn't believe that we already had a tear. The technician was professional, quick, and did an excellent job, like nothing had happened. I am amazed and grateful because you couldn't tell where the damage had been at all."

Edan M. Vancouver, WA

"My couch recliner had two small holes. I was very upset. The couch was only a week old.  The technician was on time, friendly and his work was great. I can't even tell where the damage was."

Antonette, A. Apache Junction, AZ

"There was a blue ink stain on the front of my white leather sofa.  Even though it was small, I was horrified because I've only had the sofa a few months and the stain was so obvious.  The technician scheduled the appointment, called me to let me know approximately when he would arrive at my house and came within the projected time frame.  He also repaired my sofa in only a few minutes and came with all the materials he needed.  My sofa looks brand new again. Like nothing ever happened to it.  I was extremely pleased that my sofa had been restored to its almost brand-new state.  The dreaded ink stain was gone and has not reappeared."

Sheila A. New York, NY

"It was a small tear in the front of the leather furniture on the seat.  I felt sick when I saw it. Now you cannot tell there was a tear.   I am satisfied, very pleased.  The furniture looked almost as good as new."

Linda G. Bellefontaine, OH

"I was upset.  I did not think the stain on my leather couch would come out. The Guardsman technician was courteous and knowledgeable and worked hard to bring my leather furniture back to its original state. The technician was very knowledgeable.  The stain was gone and couch was restored to its original state.  I was very pleased and the technician was very professional."

Patricia D. Calgary, Alberta

"My husband put a hot plate (that had been warmed in the microwave) on the arm of our new leather sofa.  It left a half moon circle mark and discolored the leather.  I was sad.  The service technicians that came to my house were very polite, efficient and knew what they were doing.  I was very satisfied!  The repair looks great.  I was very pleased." -

Kimberly H. Iowa City, IA

"I had a stain on my faux leather chair seat.  It is just like NEW.  I was so pleased that when I bought a new recliner this past week I ordered the extra treatment with confidence."

Billie C. Sandia Park, New Mexico

"There was an ink stain on my chair.  I felt very bad when it occurred. The chair is as good as new and I was thrilled to see the stain out of the chair."

Harry N. Brookline, MA

"I had a ballpoint ink stain and they did a perfect job repairing it!  Phew!"

Beverly B. Winter Park, FL

"My brand new La-Z-Boy recliner had ink marks on it!  I was Amazed and  Pleased!  Your technician was skilled, professional, and did a perfect job with repairs."

Martha L. Chesapeake, VA

"There was a fairly faint, though noticeable, black dye stain around the periphery of my leather chair.  Now, it looks brand new.  I was extremely happy as my leather chair  was restored to new."

Sandra M. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

"There was a large rip in my leather couch. I thought it was unrepeatable. I was impressed that the repair was nearly unrecognizable; it looks brand new  The repair was way beyond expectations!"

Jessica H. Chandler, AZ

"My daughter traced her hand on the arm rest with an ink pen. He got the pen out of the couch and was at my house less than 10 minutes.  He has also there at 3 pm on the dot....when it was stated that he would be there between 3&5.  Usually when they give you these times they are there later.  He did a great job."

Winston M. Marietta, GA

"My beagle vomited on the sofa sometime during the night.  I panicked when I saw it...my sofa is bone colored and the substance was not.  It  was cleaned so well you would never know anything happened. I was elated.  It's an expensive leather sofa!"

Lisa H. Indianapolis, IN

"A  spring popped out of the seat and tore the side leather. The technician did a fine job.  He was very knowledgeable and explained why the chair broke."

Ashley C. Annapolis, MD

"My leather sofa had a stain that removed the color from the leather. It is as good as new.  Fantastic!  Problem was resolved in a timely manner. Technician was very polite and preformed excellent quality work."

Gloria W. Vernon Rockville, CT

"A chemical had "eaten off" the finish of my leather furniture.  I felt very bad.  Exceptional work performed. Outstanding!  It looks like new!!  I am very satisfied.  The technician was very professional."

Robin D. Gilbert, AZ

"The seat of my leather sofa was stained. The color was removed by an air freshener.  It looks great, awesome, fantastic, like new.  Great job!"

Lissa M. Shawnee, KS

"Felt angry when found the damage. There was a large rip put in our leather chair, put there by a cleaning lady.  I felt angry when I found the damage.  You can barely tell there was a rip. He did a fantastic job on the repair, it looks great.  Very polite." 

Kacey H. Tulsa, OK

"I had spots from a beverage/food spill across the ottoman, which took out the color (cerise/red).  The repair guy did an excellent job. . . it blends perfectly.  You can't see any damage. . . great job!!!!  I was surprised that he could make it look so good - and greatly appreciated his excellent training to repair the problem." 

Vicki P. Apollo Beach, FL

"I spilled nail polish on the couch seat cushion. The tech was very efficient and restored the cushion to the stain-free condition.  I was delighted to see all the red come out.  It took a little be of effort and time, but happy with the outcome."

Stacy M. Upper Marlboro, MD

"The accident removed color from the leather.  The technician was professional and friendly.  It looks like it never happened, which makes me very happy. I couldn't even figure out where the stain was."

Nakia B. Ellicott City, MD

"The fingernail polish was spilled on the leather sofa cushion by a little girl. Needless to say, I was quite dismayed at discovering the stain.  The technician was courteous, knowledgeable, and on time for the appointment.  The cushion looks remarkable after the technician finished.  I was so relieved!  I really did not believe that it would be possible to adequately repair/refinish the damage completely." 

Larry R. North Little Rock, AR

"There was a pen ink line on the rear cushion of my furniture piece.  The technician was polite and knowledgeable.  It looks perfect!  I was excited, because I didn't expect such results."

Kenneth K. Shrewsbury, MA

"My leather couch had an ink stain.  The Guardsman service man scheduled a visit and it was 100% successful.  We were extremely pleased with the results."

David R. Caledonia, MI

"There was a cut in our leather chair I thought we would have to buy a whole new set which I really can't afford at this time.  I was satisfied because I didn't think the chair was repairable. It looks like brand new again.  I felt like I saved a lot of money not having to buy a new chair." 

Tina G. Oxford, MA

"A small tear in my leather couch and I have no idea how it happened but was very upset.  The tech was very helpful and informative and I was very satisfied with the whole experience.  Everything looks perfect  I felt relieved and very happy."

Dorothy Y. Lilburn, GA

"The finish wore off between cushion and the arm rest. I was very disappointed with the manufacturer. The area was dry and brittle, however, the rest of my set was not affected.  I had a very clean and efficient service man.  The area looks great; just like new!  Very good results." 

George B. Beverly Hills, FL

"It was an ink stain. I found an ink stain when I was sitting on the sofa.  He was polite and knows what he was doing. Very good, it was cleaned by the technician. It was perfect, like new. I really liked the service of the technician."

Sabahattin O. Auburn, AL

"I had a stain that left my leather piece discolored. The service man was very knowledgeable and courteous.  It looks like new; great job!"

James M. Beaufort, SC

"The color was removed from my leather sofa. I was upset and concerned whether leather could be re-colored.  The tech arrived at the time he said he would and was very professional and pleasant to deal with.  I couldn't believe the results.  If I didn't know that color had been removed, I would not have believed it!" 

Margaret H. Jefferson City, MO

"Nail polish remover took the color right out of the leather on the arm of my loveseat.  The tech was very efficient and knowledgeable.  Perfect!  You would never know there had been a problem.  I am very happy!"

Lou S. Wilmington, NC

"I was so very upset!  A stain was discovered on the arm of my leather sofa.  I was very satisfied with the technician.  He was very professional and did excellent work!  My sofa looks like new!  I was amazed that it blends perfectly!  I had no idea that repairs could be made to leather like that.  I'm just amazed at the blending job done by eye."

Steve O. Virginia Beach, VA

"There was an ink mark on the center back cushion of our leather sofa.  We were surprised to receive a visit from an actual human being!  We expected to just receive supplies to do-it-ourselves.  We were very pleased with the outcome."

Lori E. Spring Hill, KS

"I had a 3/4 inch tear in my leather recliner.  The technicians performed quality service.  It looks great; you hardly notice anything unless you know where to look.  I was very happy with the work."

Alice M. Phoenix, AZ