Fabric Plan

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“My dog must have gotten sick on the couch cushion and it hardened. I tried to get it out myself but then remembered that I had a contract. I’m glad it was able to be returned to what it should look like. Good as new!”

Barbara Mt. Laurel, NJ

“I was distressed about getting the pet stain cleaned without leaving a stain residue. I am ecstatic at the results.”

Kim Honolulu, HI

“There were chocolate stains on my sofa. I felt reassured that I had the coverage for my furniture. The furniture looks great.”

Cindy Raleigh, NC

"There was a spot of blood on our fairly new couch cushion.  I guess I felt scared that my wife would kill me because I got blood on our couch cushion.  The technician was very prompt, professional, and courteous. When he was done, it looked brand new and he was very willing to answer any questions we had.  I'm happy because my wife wasn't going to kill me for getting blood on our couch cushion."

Ryan S. Blue Springs, MO

"My son spilled milk on the sectional and left a big water mark. The technician was on time, polite and got the job done quick. You can not see the stain at all. The results were great and I was glad the stain was gone."

Terri M. Oceanside, CA

"There was a blood stain on the left arm of sofa.  I was very upset about it. Technician was very knowledgeable and helpful. I was pleased with the results. It is back to normal."

Dee O. Tucker, GA

"There were small spots of blood on the couch cushions.The technician was quick, courteous and effective. It worked better than I thought and wasn't an inconvenience. A nice surprise."

Don C. Arlington, VA

"My couch had a small round spot on the front of one cushion.  I was not happy as it is a new couch. The Guardsman technician called ahead and was on time. He took care of the problem.  I am happy, as it was a big investment and we try to keep our investments in good condition."


Richard & Pamela L. Marlborough, MA

"I was upset. There were food and candy stains on the cushions.  The Guardsman technician came at the time the had said and the work was well done.  Very clean, Guardsman did a great job cleaning them. I felt satisfied because I did not think the furniture was going to look like new again, but it did."

Veronica D. San Diego, CA

"I found a tear to the foot rest on my couch.  I did not feel it should have torn, as it is a very well made piece of furniture and we did not have the couch a long time. Guardsman came at a convenient time and soon after we made the request. I am unable to tell it was repaired.  Looks like new. I'm happy, very good job."

Barbara L. Mesa, AZ

"There was ink on my light green sofa.  I felt sick because I thought the protection plan had expired. I was thrilled when Guardsman called and said that an actual "human" would come out.  The Guardsman technician was very professional and told me that he could see that it might not be all taken care of.  If not, I should call him back which I did.  Most people would have just let me find it on my own. Now it looks like new.  Can't even see where the ink was.  It took 2 visits but it is beautiful.  Very happy.  This experience would make me take out another Guardsman policy when I buy furniture.  Very satisfied experience with Guardsman."

Alice K. St. Louis, MO

"There were stains from food and beverage and was unhappy with the stains.  I felt satisfied as the Guardsman furniture technician worked efficiently and cleaned the stains.  It looks quite good after the cleaning.  I'm glad to have stains removed."


Michael N. Pacific Palisades, CA

"Milk was spilled through the back crack between the seat and back of the recliner.  There was an awful spoiled milk smell and stain. The technician was very friendly, fast, thorough and got the job done. No more stain or smell.   I'm happy because it looked brand new and no more smell."

Shannon, M. Holland, OH

"It was a tea stain on my chair and ottoman.  I was extremely upset since I only had the furniture for a few months and I never spilled anything on my other furniture. The Guardsman technician seemed very knowledgeable and explained exactly what he was doing. It looks very good.  You really can't tell where the stain was.  Naturally I was elated with the results because the furniture was fairly new and I looked for months for the furniture".

Beverly R., Belle Vernon, PA

"I felt really sad and depressed as I didn't think the upholstery would ever look the same again.  I am very satisfied with the outcome of the ink spot that had been smeared and is no longer visible.  It looks new as it did prior to the smeared ink stain. I was absolutely amazed as I couldn't tell where the stain had been after the technician completed the cleaning and drying of the upholstery."

Retta C. Thomasville, GA

"My tannish brown recliner had a jell point pen stain on it.   I was devastated I didn't think anything was going to take it out.  I could have kicked myself.  The technician was very courteous and professional . I was completely grateful and somewhat surprised that he did such a great job, I am very thankful because it looks like if nothing had ever happened to it."


Amalia, Q. Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Our toddler drew on the couch with crayons.  We were in shock looking at the drawings on our beautiful couch. The first thing the technician did was identify himself to me through the glass door.  He was very polite, professional, and friendly.  The couch looks like nothing ever happened.  We're very satisfied and glad we purchased the Guardsman protection plan."

Sara T. Fayetteville, NC

"My fiancĂ© spilled a drink on the couch. I was worried it wouldn't come out.  The technician was great very friendly, knowledgeable, quick and overall a nice gentleman.  The couch looked great! I was very happy.  It was nice to have a clean couch again."


Samantha S. Amityville, NY

"I had a stain and was very upset because I had only had the sectional for 2 months. It looks the same as new.  I was very happy that the spot came out." 

Patricia C. Cincinnati, OH

"I found gum on the cushion of my chair and was upset about it. Now it is like there was no damage at all.  I'm very happy and relieved.  I didn't want to have to purchase a new chair." 

Thomas L. Omaha, NE

"My sofa was only a few months old and it had some dye bleed through onto it. I was feeling quite disappointed. It now looks brand new. I was very happy as the stains were completely gone."

J. Berard Nepean, Ontario, Canada

"My dog had an accident on the side of my chair.  It looks good now and the technician also deodorized the chair."

Tim P. Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

"My problem was a few drops of blood on the upholstery. I didn't think the stain would come up but it looks like new.  I was very excited that it looked that good." 

Thalia F. Westford, MA

"I had dog vomit and drool on the cushions and the arms of the sofa.   It looks and smells like new.  Now I am not embarrassed for friends to sit on my sofa."

Judith B. Salinas, CA

"My cat soiled my chair and  I was very, very, very upset.  It was no issue for the technician.  It is like new; the smell and stain are gone. Very, very, good work."

Richard Q. Wentzville, MO

"I was angry when my dog soiled the sofa.  It is now clean....no stain and I am content.  The stains were gone."

Mirna M. Los Angeles, CA

"There was a small chocolate stain on the middle cushion on our sofa.  I was relieved that we had purchased the coverage.  It looks just great!!!!  I am very pleased."

Blaine N. Stow, OH

"I was very upset when my cat  soiled my couch.  The job the technician did looked great.  I'm happy with it."

Christine S. San Francisco, CA

"Our sofa was stained and the service was exceptional.  The service representative was exceptional, as well.  The repair was unbelievable and we are extremely happy.  We just couldn't believe how good the sofa looked.  Just exceptional!"

Jackie M. Lewes, DE

"I had a beverage spill of country blueberry smoothie that turned my sofa purple. It looks fine now and I was happy with the work."

Elizabeth B. Etobicokwe, Ontario, Canada

"My husband's medical tube leaked and soaked his recliner. I knew the recliner could be dried and probably cleaned, so I was thankful that we had the Guardsman Protection Plan. The recliner looks like new again! I felt relieved that my husband's recliner was not permanently stained nor did it have a lingering odor." 

Aleatha N. Longview, TX

"I had blueberry stains on the back and arms of the chair.  I was dismayed and then relieved as it looks like new!  And the technician was very nice and friendly."

Jennifer K. Zeeland, MI

"We had spilled pop all over the chair, which was off white and he did an amazing job getting it all out.  GREAT!!!! It looked great and I didn't want anyone to sit in it because it was so clean."

Kristin S. Damascus, OR

"The dog wet on the couch and I was upset about the smell and stain.  The couch looked fantastic and the smell was out.  I felt satisfied as the couch looked like new."

Cyndi B. Federal Way, WA

"My sister-in-law was painting her fingernails and didn't realize she had spilled some nail polish remover.  I was very upset! The furniture piece looks great!  I couldn't tell there was any damage at all! Great!  I am very satisfied.  It looks just like new."

Babette, B. Plaucheville, LA

"There was some form of food substance and it appeared as a small dot on the seat. Looks like new again and I am very pleased."

Philip G. Santa Rosa, CA

"A guest dropped a piece of chocolate candy on the seat of our loveseat and sat on it.  I immediately dabbed the spot with a damp cloth. I was just sick!  Now it looks perfect and I am extremely satisfied. It looks as if the stain never happened." 

Jean L. Fairport, NY

"Our dog was sick.  I didn't think it would be to difficult to remove stain.  The stain is gone and everything looks very good and normal."

Jim H. Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"Written marks had bled through the paper and it was something that I had caused. I wasn't pleased with myself. It looks outstanding! I felt getting the Guardsman plan was worth it when I purchased the furniture."

Carlos D. Schertz, TX

"I found a gel pen had leaked onto the cushion of my sofa...I was surprised as it happened so fast!  Great work...your techs do a great job and they are very professional.  I was happy the stain was removed."

Pat H. Moreno Valley, CA

"Our cat threw up on the sofa -- so glad we had the service plan.  It looks like new.  I had wished I could have cleaned it myself.  The tech made it look so easy, but, I know the results would not be the same." 

Barb B. East Lansing, MI

"I had a blood stain and it now looks just like new. I was glad to see the stain gone." 

Pat E. Georgetown, TX

"There was damage on the sofa.  It appeared to be melted chewing gum.  It is like new and I am happy because a good job was done."

Kenneth L. Berwyn, IL

"My friends' baby threw up formula on my suede chair.  I was not very happy, but, now the chair looks great and that makes me happy."

Brandie, K. Ramona CA

"I had a torn seam on my sofa. I felt so bad about it.  Great!  It now looks like a new sofa." 

Juan Carlos F. Chula Vista, CA

"My son had spilled a bowl of cereal and milk on the couch and it was noticeable. It now looks as if it never had a stain on it. I feel so relieved. The couch was back to looking like new with no stain and nothing further to be done."

Ann R. Carrolton, TX

"The stain was on our dining room chair.  I wasn't very happy when I found the stain. But, now it looks like it did the day we bought it.  I am very satisfied with the outcome." 

Fernando C. Anchorage, AK

"There were blood and pet stains!  I was soooooo upset!  I had only had the furniture a couple of weeks.  It is perfect.  I was happy because the stains were gone."

Heather S. Platte City, MO

"There were food spills on sofa that left stains.  It is as good as new.  It was good work done."

Greg L. Blue Springs, MO

"My dog had an accident on our couch and I was HIGHLY upset.  It looks great.  I am happy.  It looked clean and I didn't see the stain."

Michelle B. Cary, NC

"I found stains on my sofa pillows.  I shocked and hoping that it would clean-up well.  The cleaned pillows look good as new.  I am so happy, It looked good and the service technician was great."


Richard P. San Antonio, TX

"The top stitching on the couch got caught on someone's pants and broke the thread. I was worried the whole couch would have to go into the shop to be fixed. It looks good when he was finished. Almost like new. You can't really tell that there was ever a problem with the couch.  I'm happy and excited because it looked really good and it didn't have to get taken to the shop to be fixed. The technician was able to fix the problem right inside my house which was great!!  I am satisfied with my service. The technician was nice, fixed the problem quickly, and it looked good after he was done." 

Cecilia M. Overland Park, KS

"There was a urine stain on sectional cushion.  It is like new and I am happy that there is no stain or smell."

Sabrina S. Hagerstown, MD

"I found a stain on the surface of the ottoman from my cat.  It now is as good as new.  I am very pleased.  The technician clearly knew what he was doing and was very professional."

Deborah G. Irvine, CA

"The stain on our chaise and was from out pet.  It looks like new and I am satisfied. The technician was on time and completed the cleaning in a short amount of time."

Arthur P. Virginia Beach, VA

"There was a rip in the ottoman seam.  Now is looks like new!  I am very happy he fixed the problem and was very courteous!!"

Laura M. Duluth, GA

"I have a light green sofa chair that had a 3/8 " chocolate smudge on it.  The technician was timely, quick and courteous.  It looks perfect and I'm very happy with the work." 

Doyle D. Arlington, VA

"The couch had dog urine stains on it.  I was initially surprised that the cushions were so damp, but obviously the cleaning solutions did not evaporate for a while.  The technician was  thorough, neat and efficient.  She made the couch look like new!"

Vada F. Carson, CA

"My dog chewing on a treat, but then part of the treat and the dog saliva adhered to the furniture.  The cleaning was done perfectly.  I was very pleased." 

Grace C. Hammonton, NJ

"There was a spot on dining room chair.  Now it looks the same as when it was new.  He was very good about the problem. The person that came to the house seem to know his business." 

Robert M. Hurst, TX

"The family pet urinated on the seat cushion and I felt terrible.  I hoped that our policy would cover cleaning/repair and very relieved that the policy covered the problem.  After cleaning and drying the seat cushion, it was impossible to tell that there had been any damage at all.  Very relieved and thankful that we had purchased the coverage.  The technician understood the problem and proceeded to provide a solution that correct it.  He was very professional, arriving on time and taking care of the problem the first time." 

Dan V. Landisville, PA

"A half glass of red wine ended up on the couch when a guest tripped over the dog. Secondly, the cat vomited on another part of the sectional. Both incidents happened within a couple of weeks of each other. The repairs looked good; no residue left of either the red wine or the cat vomit.  I was very pleased because he managed to get two very pernicious sets of stains out of the new and expensive sectional.  Also very satisfied because there were actually two claims on the same piece of furniture and although he had only the most recent one and he was able to verify the second and willing to clean both spots in one trip. Greatly appreciated."

Renate K. Seattle, WA

"The furniture was a sectional and my cat threw up on the cushions. I was very upset that for 13 years my cat had never thrown up on my old couch and he did on this new one after only three months of having it. Glad the stains came out because I don't want stained couch cushions. The stain was removed and he was in and out of the house in 25 minutes."

Amy R. Princeton, NJ

"There was cat urine on two of the seats of our brown sofa. I did not like the odor when sitting on the sofa.  Afterwards, it looked clean and you could not detect the urine odor.  So glad that the odor was gone. I am satisfied with the technician who came out, he was friendly but went right to work cleaning the sofa."

Pauline N. Grants Pass, OR

"There were lots of lines drawn by an ballpoint pen on a light microfiber furniture. Our toddler did it, and it was very upsetting -- the furniture was pretty new. Now the loveseat looks good as new -- no sign of stains .I was amazed at the results -- top quality work, far better than I expected. The techs were very polite, knowledgeable and prompt. They cleaned a pretty extensive damage in less than 30 minutes."

Myra L. Metairie, LA

"I was very upset when the sofa got the stain and I tried to remove it with product provided from Boston Interior, but there was still sign of the damage.  Then I remembered I bought the coverage and called up Guardsman. Perfect job.  I am very happy. "

Amberly, P. Westminster, MD

"Both the sofa and love seat had dog drool. I was very nervous and did not know if it would come out.  It looks really good and I am very satisfied.  Also very satisfied with the technician.  He was professional and thorough."

Ian K. Portland, OR

"My couch cushion had a milk spill.  It is now like new.  I was happy that the stain appeared to be removed; he steam cleaned the whole cushion."

Pat K. Weeki Wachee, FL

"Dirt rubbed into fabric of my furniture.  He did an excellent job cleaning it and I am pleased."

Pat B. Decatur, IN

"I had a permanent ink stain on my couch cushion. I was not upset because I knew it was a guaranteed removal by Guardsman. It is just like new!  Very pleased!  He was very efficient, polite, and confident that he could remove the spot even though it was a difficult one to remove."

Michelle M. Green Bay, WI

"Our new Flex Steel sectional had an oil paint finger print in a very visible spot, courtesy of our finger painting grandson. The technician did what we hoped and expected. He came to the house and within a few minutes had the oil paint stain completely removed from our new upholstery.  It is perfect; no trace of the pink paint color on the cream colored fabric.  I am so satisfied."

Barbara A. Kingston, Rhode Island

"The dog urinated on the seat cushion. I felt very upset and thought that the damage could not be undone; both the smell and the stain.  It looks as if nothing ever happened and smells fresh too! I felt relieved that my furniture was restored to like new condition. I felt like Guardsman had fulfilled their promise to service my furniture and I was glad that I had chosen to purchase the warranty. Professionalism was on par. Fast and courteous."

Julie H. Collegeville, PA

"There was human urine stains on a microfiber fabric chair.  It smelled terribly.  But, it is like new now.  Relieved that it could be cleaned so easily. They were very professional, courteous, and quick."

Natalia S. Jamaica, NY

"I had gotten a coffee stain on a center cushion of my sectional.  When it was discovered I was very glad we had gotten the Guardsman protection. The technician was professional and very polite and spent a lot of time taking care of my furniture."

Sherry E. Franklin, TN

"The fabric back seam of the sofa was pulling loose and fraying. The tech that came out was courteous and worked quickly."

Megan A. Indianapolis, IN

"I had a stain on the fabric of my dining room chair. The tech was efficient, and very nice.  Excellent, great JOB!!"

Patricia M. Orchard Park, NY

"Makeup stain on my sofa!!  There is no evidence of a stain remaining which makes me very happy. Very pleased that the  stain was removed."

Robert T. Edmond, OK

"My dog had an accident on the corner of the ottoman.  The fabric is red and there was no evidence of lightening or discoloration when the tech work was done.  It was OK, no problems.  Tech was a nice fellow and I felt comfortable letting him into my home."

David W. Westfield, IN

"There was a small tear in fabric. The service man made sure I was happy before leaving my home.   Very courteous and well trained technician."

Dana N. Dallas, TX

"My cat threw up on the chaise. Even with a throw over the chaise the stain came through. I was not very happy at all.  But, now it is as good as new.  I am so pleased, it looks great.  Your tech was an efficient worker, highly skilled and had a great personality."

Kelly A. Joplin, MO

"I had gotten a coffee stain on couch and it resulted in a water ring and rough texture. I was frustrated that I couldn't get the stain out with just blotting with water.  But, it now looks like new. I was relieved because my couch is very light in color, so the stain was very noticeable.  I'm very satisfied - technician was very helpful and knowledgeable."

Lyn F. Milton, DE

"There was mushroom soup and butter stuffing on the dining chair. The furniture technician did a good job on cleaning the  fabric.  He was pleasant, knowledgeable, and clean. I was relieved that the chair was fixed."

Judy K. Middleville, MI

"I was horrified because our cat was sick and apparently threw up all down one side of our beige love seat (that we hadn't had for more than about 2 months).  I was sure it was ruined.  It was so easy for the technician.  He came right in, took care of the stain and was gone in less than 10 minutes. It looks like new! I'm so happy."

James & Alice M. Flower Mound, TX

"I found blood on the fabric of the sofa and I was very upset. The technician completed the removal of the spot and it is just like new."

Susan T. Bay Village, OH

"I was disappointed to find the damage inside the arm of the sofa, but confident Guardsman would fix it, no problem. The technician was very clean, courteous, and efficient.  It looks the same as it did before. I was relieved and satisfied."

Beth S. Fishers, IN

"There was a blood stain from on the chair seat of our brand new table set.  I was very upset and sad, but relieved when I remembered we could call and have it cleaned or replaced. The tech was very nice and professional and while I was concerned about the stain and he got it out beautifully. It is as good as new.  I'm very happy, I didn't think it would look as good as new."

Linda B. Matthews, NC

"There was a stain with a water ring around after trying to remove myself.  It was frustrating when the stain happened. The technician was very kind and careful within the home. The stain all came out."

Margaret P. Long Beach, NY

"I had a chair with a urine stain.  The tech was prompt, pleasant, and did great work. There is no evidence of stain. I am pleased."

Denise M. Millersille, MD

"We hosted a party and an ice cream spilled on the love seat.  We found it the next day. We were disappointed, but,  grateful we had the protection plan.  I am very satisfied with the service man.  He was very professional, friendly, and very importantly, punctual.  He explained everything about the process and said if we have future stains, call Guardsman right away. It was perfectly brand new again. Amazing!"

Valerie C. Los Angeles, CA

"My cat went to the bathroom on two of the left cushions of a sectional couch.  I was furious when I discovered the stain.  The technician who arrived was courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient.   The couch looks good as new.  I can't see where the cat messed on it.  I was relieved that the couch was restored."

Anita P. Corona, CA

"My cat threw up on my overstuffed chair; I was sick to my stomach.  But the Guardsman technician was competent and on time.  He did a perfect  job!"

Angie F. Pittsburgh, PA

"We had dog urine on our red chenille sofa cushions.  I was worried that the sofa might be ruined with permanent odor and knew that I needed it professionally cleaned. The tech was professional, friendly, and informative along the way.   The odor is removed, and I'm very pleased.  Of course I'm elated that the sofa has no permanent damage."

Valarie R. Indian Trail, NC

"Unfortunately, our two little girls, 2.5 and 4, had a stomach virus and vomited on our couch in three different areas. GROSS!  We were so thankful to have Guardsman protection.  The stains are all gone."

Jennifer S. Franklin, TN

"My dog vomited on our sectional couch.  It was a mess, but it looks as good as new now."

Barbara M. Thousand Oaks, CA

"My baby spit up on my glider rocker.  I was somewhat upset about the stains, but the service technician got the stains out of my chair in a timely fashion and was cordial.  The stains are gone."

Theresa K Grand Rapids, MI

"My sectional sofa seat cushions were stained by melted ice cream.  Luckily, the fabric that was stained had a rubber backing, so the spill didn't soak into the cushions.  The technician did a good job and the fabric cleaned up well. It looks good - you can't tell it was stained."

Liz S. Jacksonville Beach, FL

"My fabric sofa had bodily fluid stains on the cushions.  I was quite upset.  The service man removed the stain and it looks perfect. I was glad it was taken care of."

Sharon R. Kansas City, MO

"There was a spot on my sofa that I was unable to remove and I was relieved to know I had purchased the coverage  The service man was on time, efficient, and friendly.  The spot is gone and I am very satisfied."

Roxanna T. Florence, SC

"The fabric sofa has urine on it from my child.  The tech was efficient  and removed the stain.  The sofa was clean!"

Fabrice P. Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"I had dog urine on my chair.  The tech was very professional and seemed to have knowledge on cleaning the chair.  The stain was removed.  I was very glad we purchased the protection plan".

Mike S. Palm Harbor, FL

"There was a rip on the seat of a dining room chair.  Of course I was upset, but I was very satisfied with the service we received.  The rip is completely unnoticeable.  Very, very happy."

Judy K., Murrieta, CA

"Pizza!!!  I was very upset because my furniture was brand new and white. The technician was on time, professional, friendly and got the stain out. This was great because we got it fixed and got our money's worth out of the Guardsman protection plan."

April L. San Tan Valley, AZ

"I obviously wasn't happy that the chair broke, but what can you do? It broke in the back and was ripped.  The technician was fantastic and went the extra mile to make sure I was happy. He went above and beyond my expectations which were already high. Great!" 

Gabriel C. San Antonio, TX

"The back of my sleeper sofa had a small tear.  Obviously, I was bothered when I saw the damage and was concerned it couldn't be fixed.  The work was done very well and in a reasonable amount of time.  The technician cleaned up the area where he had worked. He did an excellent job and I was pleased with his ability."

George T. Wausau, WI

"Right on my couch - milk and chocolate stains! I was not surprised to find the stains what with having two small children.  The tech was polite and efficient.  Got the job done!  I was so please because the stains were gone. Awesome!"

Marie B. Columbia, SC

"I have a sectional in the family room and was devastated when a grandchild soiled it, but relieved that I had the protection plan.  The tech was warm and personable and he took care of my sofa, as the fabric required. I was extremely pleased.  He was careful and knowledgeable."

Marilyn F. Santa Ana, CA

"I had a red wine stain on the seat of the chaise.  I was very upset that this happened to my new furniture.  The technician was courteous and very knowledgeable.  He explained to me what he was going to do.  He did a wonderful and thorough job.   I was extremely pleased with the work he did and  was happy that I had signed up for your Guardsman plan."

Denise C. Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

"My dog was sick on the ottoman and on the love seat. The tech was a friendly guy, came in and cleaned the furniture in a timely manner and was done, plain and simple, no problems.  I was happy with the results.  I was not sure the stains would come off, but they did."

Lori G. De Pere, WI

"Our cat threw up on a sheet that was on the couch and the moisture went through to the cushion. The tech arrived on time. He was very nice and knew what he was doing,  He answered our questions, and was very efficient.  The job was perfect!!  We were satisfied and very relieved."

Diane & Wayne K. South Windsor, CT

"The stains were on a chair cover, which is linen. I was so not happy to see the stains.  The service was excellent.  The tech was friendly and did a great job.  The chair looks clean and I was perfectly satisfied with the job done."

Eleanor B. Winthrop, MA

"My fabric recliner chair had urine stains and odor from a cat.  I was concerned that the chair would be a total loss.  Two technicians came out and did a thorough cleaning of the damaged chair and explained the proper cleaning materials to use.  All the stains and odor were removed, and the chair was restored to normal.  I was much relieved to see that the chair was saved."

Robert K. Las Vegas, NV

"A glass of red wine was spilled on a white cushion. I was upset but glad I had paid for the extra protection. My first effort to remove the stain with a product sent was not successful, but the technician fixed the problem.  The service was timely and completed to satisfaction.  He was friendly and efficient.  I was surprised and relieved to see that it worked!"

Marlene A. Lincoln City, OR

"Our sofa had the stain on the seat.  When the technician arrived he was quick, pleasant, and helpful.  The smell and stain were removed and I was HAPPY!!!" 

Patricia M. Gahanna, OH

"My dog had a rough morning. It had been raining, so first she tracked in mud on the cushion and then she threw up.  The technician was very polite and did his job quickly and thoroughly.  It looks like new; I am pleased that the stain is gone."

Chrystal S. Fairview, NC

"I was dealing with dog urine on the seat cushion. I  panicked for fear the smell wouldn't come out.  The technician was very friendly and thoroughly cleaned the stained areas of the fabric.  The stain is gone and it is like new."

Kelly B. La Jolla, CA

"I spilled a large amount of a fruit smoothie on the sofa.  From the first phone call and throughout the entire visit, the tech was extremely courteous and professional.  I was very pleased with the results.  The look and smell of the stained area is pristine." 

Deborah R. Toledo, OH

"My microsuede brown recliner couch had food stains. The tech was very knowledgeable, professional, and personable. The service was quick and he handled the stain to our satisfaction.  I was elated."

Dianne L. Hartford, WI