Elite Plan

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"Amazing!  The technician actually took his time and thoroughly cleaned my furniture.  He  showed authentic care." 

Ana R. Madera, CA

"The work done on my furniture looked great.  I was pleased."

Selena D. San Diego, CA

"I had a coffee spill and it looked like new.  I am very pleased.  I have used this technician  and he was very thorough."


Elena S. Farmingdale, NY

"The release for my recliner did not work. The tech was friendly, timely, and efficient.  I'm happy the problem is taken care of."


Chris R. Aurora, IL

"A bolt had broken on the recliner mechanism. I felt bummed out that I couldn't use my recliner. The technician was very polite, professional and clean.  He quickly found a solution and was able to perform the repairs onsite." 


Leanna T. Murrieta, CA

"I was sad when the damage happened.  The tech was prompt, professional, very friendly, and knowledgeable in how to handle the situation.  It looks very good.  I was so happy he could make it look like new again. "


Jeff T. Orlando, FL

"I was frustrated with the electric recliner not working and so happy that Guardsman was able to fix it. Nice to have use of the recliner again."


Talia R. Fall River, MA

"It was a very expensive swivel chair that began to sag on one side and would not spin. I had only had the chair a little over a year and had taken good care of it. I was very disappointed when the chair broke and now it works like it did in the beginning. Obviously I was satisfied."

Jeremy B. Roselle, IL

"A board broke just under the seat cushion of my sofa. It looks great!  The technician did a very nice job."

Margie G. Fishers, IN

"The mechanics in my sofa recliner shorted out.  It now works fine."

Rosina M. Madison, CT

"I was so upset when I saw the stain (like anybody else who has purchased a big ticket item less than one month prior). The stain was on a cushion and now the cushion looks like new. I am so very happy."

Lauren B. Glendale, AZ

"We had a broken nail polish bottle on the wood chair and fabric seat. The work done was perfect, you can't even tell anything happened. The technician returned the chair back to the way it looked before the accident!"

Tim P. Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

"I am very satisfied with the service provided. During a stressful time, Guardsman was able to make things right."

Toby P. Bakersfield, CA

"I was upset with the damage. But, I am amazed that it looks like new.  The technician was very professional and explained the process and what needed to done to my furniture to prevent problems in the future."

Paul T. Jefferson, GA

"I had discovered a beverage stain after having company over. But, I was not worried because I had a protection plan. It was great service. I felt great, and the furniture looked great!"

Nichole F. North Andover, MA

"I was sitting on the sofa and felt the left arm of the sofa give way.  It apparently had a cracked frame. He was very professional and meticulous in his repair. I was able to watch the entire repair. He was very knowledgeable and you can tell he loves his job."

Margaret K. Hobart, IN

"My puppy had an accident on two bottom and back cushions.  The Service Technician was very knowledgeable and very friendly. It looks fine and I am quite happy."

Chelsea K. San Diego, CA

"Fingernail polish remover was spilled on a corner of the table.  It took some effort, but,  the table looks fine now.  Thanks.  I was very relieved that the table did not have to be replaced."

Deb K. Overland Park, KS

"I had multiple sticky and oily stains caused by my children.  I felt totally exasperated. The service man was fast, friendly, and competent. My sofa looks like new. I was so happy that he was able to restore the sofa to its original cleanliness."

Ryjil D. Renton, WA

"I spilled my soda on the couch cushion and it left a stain.  I wasn't happy about it but I knew we bought the protection plan so I wasn't too worried. The tech was very friendly got right to work and did a good job. The couch looks brand new.  I was very happy the stain was gone; there was no odor left and the couch was still soft."

Leah C. Enid, OK

"There was a spring broken on the  loveseat  The technician  was very nice and prompt. He fixed a bracket and the couch works well now.   I was happy he was able to repair it."

Stefanie C. Pearl River, NY

"My red chair had a coffee stain.  I received very good service and it is as good as new.  I was very satisfied."

Carol W. Milwaukee, WI

"The arm on my couch got ripped up. I was very upset that with the price we paid for this furniture, it was so cheaply made.   I could tell by the way he repaired the couch, the service man knew what he was doing. It was better than it was originally."

Carole B. Indianapolis, IN

"The arm panel was separated from my piece of furniture.  I was so glad that I had coverage.  The tech was quite knowledgeable. Great job!"

Linda G. Arlington, TX

"There were black smudge marks on my white sofa.  I was horrified!  The technician did a good job cleaning the marks and I was happy with the results."

Debra J. Shreveport, LA

"My wonderful dog decided to get sick on my furniture.  Everything went well with the technician. It looked good, but it was still wet, so I was worried about water marks, but everything dried great."

Andrea R. San Diego, CA

"The wooden support was broken on my bed. The damage happened while I was on the bed, so it surprised me. Technician was very friendly and he took the part for repairs. Repair looks good."

Jenny P. San Diego, CA

"There was a  ballpoint pen mark on the sofa.  I was discouraged because the sofa was still new.   The service man was most polite and the sofa looks just like new. I am very satisfied."

Yvette M. Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada

"Cat urine was my dilemma. The stain was removed and it was taken care of in a timely manner. It's like new.  He did a great job and I was relieved."

Darlene M. Miami, FL

"My sectional sofa had a human bodily fluid stain on the cushion.  The tech was polite and effective.  He made me happy because stain was removed and it looked new."

Katrina K. Needham, MA

"My coffee table was very badly damaged.  But, it now looks great, like new!  I'm very satisfied!"

Yvette S. Maplewood, NJ

"I had a couch stain from my pet and wasn't very happy about it.  The service man was on time, friendly, and informative. He was easy to talk to and answered all of my questions.  The couch looks good, like it did before the damage."

Scott B. Tonawanda, NY

"I had a red ink stain on my cream colored couch. It looked bad so I wasn't happy about the stain at all!  The tech was very nice and polite and also efficient .  He decided he needed to take the cushions with him to clean and return them 2 days later.  He brought them back when he said he would and we were very satisfied with how they looked. The stain is gone and it looks much better." 

Nancy D. Little Rock, AR

"The issue was a urine stain on my couch.  I felt bad since couch was only a few months old.  It was cleaned back to like new condition and l was very satisfied."

Drew H. St. Louis, MO

"The metal coils on the seat of the couch broke. I was upset that this had happened, but happy that it could be fixed.  The whole process was quick and easy. Everyone was nice and eager to help and it looks good as new."

Suzanna, D. Massapequa Park, NY

"There were food stains and pen marks on my furniture.  The technician, John,  was very professional and did a great job. I really appreciate how he kept the lines of communication open.  I am glad that I bought the warranty."

Larry F. Mt. Pleasant, SC

"We had a tear on the upper back of our loveseat.  I was sick at the thought of the damage  However, the technician was very prompt, professional, and did a great job.  I cannot tell where the tear was; it's like new. "

Cindy W. Tomahawk, WI

"There was a blood stain on my two-week old Lazy Boy recliner - can you say upset!!!!  The tech was very friendly and knowledgeable about what he was doing.  He protected the surrounding area while cleaning the chair.  It's like it never happened.  I am very glad I purchased the protection plan!"

Donna B. Oshkosh, WI

"My repair involved the electrical mechanism of two of my recliners that quit working.  It was very disheartening when they both stopped working within 2 days of each other.  We have only owned the pieces for 1 year and didn't expect this type of issue so soon.  Very knowledgeable and speedy service.  It was a simple fix and now I know what to check if this happens in the future."

Mandi C. Brandon, FL

"I felt that my couch would never be the same, even if they repaired it, but I was wrong. I am pleased with what the technician did.  The couch looks the same, like nothing had happened to it. It is the same as it was when I purchased it. Thanks." 

Naila A. Loganville, GA

"There was a water damage stain on my wood lamp table.  I was so upset due to the high expense of the piece.  The technician was prompt and polite.  It is as good as new and I am relieved."

Kristina C. Sachse, TX

"We were sitting on our couch and heard a crack and sunk down. The wood on the bottom came unstapled from the main frame   The technician that came out was very friendly and kind.  He answered questions I had and showed me the repair and made sure I was happy with the result. Perfect!"

Michelle M. Dodgeville, WI

"The cat got sick and vomited on the couch.  The furniture looked much better after it was repaired.  I was pleased!"

Cassie W. Fenton, MO

"I found pet fluids on the couch.  I was extremely upset when it happened. I am satisfied that is was taken care of and it looks good. The technician was extremely courteous."

Brent W. Madison, WI

"My dog urinated on my reclining sofa.  I was so disheartened, They came in and did a good job and it looks great. .  I was happy with the results."

Bonnie F. Leesburg, VA

"My dog vomited on two of my couch cushions.  I was very satisfied with the work done. It looks and smells fresh."

Jen G. Richmond, IN

"My twins are potty training and had a urine accident.  I was frustrated because the furniture is new, but, felt comfortable knowing it would be taken care of.  Our technician arrived promptly and completed the job quickly and efficiently.  It was not the first time he has been to the house.  He is very personable and friendly.  The furniture looks good as new.  I was thankful the stain and odor were gone.  The furniture looked like the day it was delivered."

Megan Y. Philadelphia, PA

"It was a red wine stain and I felt helpless to remove it myself or quickly enough. I called Guardsman and the sofa looks great now,  You can't even tell there was a stain.  I was satisfied."

Michelle M. Orlando, FL

"The wire was broken on my electric recliner.  The tech fixed it up right. He was very professional in every way.  The damage was repaired and chair is working as new."

Frank L. Mableton, GA

"The arm to the couch was snapped.  Tech did a good job and I was thrilled. He was neat and fast...explained what was wrong. It looks awesome and I'm happy that it was fixed."

Nicole V. Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

"I had a blood stain on the couch cushions.  The tech was great!  He was polite and took care of the problem effectively. He did a very good job!"

Sheila R. Sun City Center, FL

"I had the arm break on the sofa!  I felt very thankful I had purchased a protection plan. The sofa was repaired satisfactorily."

Scott F. Howard Beach, NY

"The furniture is a sectional sofa and the stain was from a pet. I was very frustrated when I found the stain.  The tech arrived on time, worked quickly, was friendly and personable.  It is like new and I was happy that he was able to remove all traces of the stain and the smell."

Elise A. Glen Burnie, MD

"The damage was a tear to the rear corner of a recliner.  I felt just terrible because I caused the damage.  The technician was very professional and competent."

Gregory M. Apollo Beach, FL

"There was baby spit up on my furniture. I was upset, because it not only looked terrible, it smelled, too. Then comforted by the fact that I had the Guardsman Protection Plan. The technician was very professional and courteous, and informative.  The furniture looks just like it did before it happened.  Great!  No stain, no smell either."

Miranda J. Menasha, WI

"The reclining mechanism in our leather recliner was not working.  It would not shut when we put the footstool down. The technician was able to fix the problem the day he was here.  Our chair looks the same and now it closes. I was pleased that we were able to put the footstool down."

Kathy R. Max Meadows, VA

"My cat vomited on new sofa. When I saw the stain, I felt so relieved that I had bought your service."

Richard F. Highland, CA

"My couch had a loose spring.  The technician that came to the house was prompt, courteous and quick.  He did a great job - you can't even tell anything was wrong.  I am very satisfied with his work."

Sherri M. Carmel, IN

"The leg came off of the chaise part of the sectional.  I was very angry when it came off.  The technician was prompt and worked very quickly; I didn't even know he was there!  Good work, too."

Leslie S. Spring Valley, NY

"My sofa had a stain on the front center of the right cushion. I was very concerned about removing the stain, but felt certain that the Guardsman plan would take care of it.  Boy, did  it ever!  It looks like new.  I am very pleased."

Dennis B. Centennial, CO

"The stain was cat urine.  I was concerned as to whether or not the stain/smell could be removed.  The Guardsman tech was knowledgeable and professional.  He got the job done quickly and then left my house so I could go to work.  The furniture is in excellent, like new condition."

Lisa H. Brecksville, OH

"The stain was terrible, caused by human intestinal problems.  The tech was prompt, personable, and professional.   Of course, I was happy that the treatment removed the odor and the furniture was like new."

Teresa L. Omaha, NE

"My son vomited on the couch. I was distressed and extremely unhappy about the stain.  The technician was professional, kind, and efficient.  I was satisfied knowing that the stain had been properly treated and happy to know it had been removed.  The furniture looks good now."

Maureen S. Batavia, IL

"The pull handle would not work on my reclining furniture.  The tech was efficient and did a fine job. Problem fixed!"

Mary N. Meriden, CT

"Ooh, I had a chocolate stain on my furniture. I had a really good technician come out to the house.  The furniture looks great and I was so relieved that the stain was gone."

Cathy D. Las Vegas, NV

"There was a soiled spot that smelled like urine.  The tech did a great job and was really nice. It looks great."

Jake L. San Diego, CA

"There was nail polish on my daughter's dressers. I was so very unhappy about it.  The tech did a great job.  It looks great, like new!  I am thrilled."

Laurie M. Deerfield, IL

"I had a burn stain on my furniture. The tech was nice and capable and did very good work.  I am very satisfied with the results."

Simon L. Plantsville, CT

"I had a stain.  No big deal to me--life happens, nature happens. The technician was very nice, congenial, the way customer service people should be!  The furniture looks GREAT!"

Carrie K. Phoenix, AZ

"A board had slipped at the bottom of my sleeper sofa couch.  The tech was very pleasant, checked out the problem, and reviewed it with me.  He cleaned up after he had made the repair. I thought he was really good. The work was excellent and I was very pleased.  The board was no longer visible and the cushions do not sink down into the couch anymore.  It looks and feels like it is supposed to."

Loretta W. Lubbock, TX

"There was an electrical problem with the recliner and of course, I was very disappointed.  The technician was very helpful and polite and had it back to working order as if nothing ever happened.  I was very satisfied and pleased to have a working couch again!"

May R. Palmdale, CA

"I had a water stain on the couch.  The service man was very professional and quick.  It looks like new.  Thanks."

Liliana F. Billerica, MA

"I was quite sick to my stomach when I saw the damage.  The technician was very helpful, friendly, and efficient.  He did an excellent job; it looked great."

Marilu M. Lambton Shores, Ontario, Canada

"I felt heartsick when I found the damage.  The service man fixed the problem and did quite an excellent job.  It was a very good experience."

Mary H. Wilmington, MA

"I was very sad the day I found out my furniture had damage, but I was very pleased with the technician's service.  It was an awesome job done.  The service man was very meticulous and I was very impressed that the damage was repaired."

Destri, F. Santa Clarita, CA

"My dog left a stain on a brand new chair and I  thought it would never come out. The technician was very professional and thorough and I am very pleased with the work.  It looks like new again."

Brett I. Marysville, OH

"One of my guests threw up on the sofa.  I was shocked to see it and very worried that it would not come clean.  The technician was very professional, pleasant, and efficient.  He did a great job; it looks as if nothing ever happened.  What a great relief to see that horrible stain removed."

Alan T. Old Lyme, CT

"My dining room chair had a broken back.  The chair was repaired with no visible signs of the original damage.  Amazing!"

Courtenay S. Winfield, IL

"I was sick and upset when I saw the damage.  The techs were on time; they told me what they would be doing before they did it.  They were very professional, thorough quick, and completely finished their work. Outstanding!  I am relieved and very satisfied."

Julian S. Boulder City, NV

"I had a tear on left side of my loveseat.  The technician did an excellent, outstanding job repair. After the job was complete, the damage was almost invisible.  Very satisfied with the results." 

Norman C. Blue Springs, MO

"There was a urine stain on my furniture, from my daughter.  I was pretty upset being that we had not had the furniture but a couple of months.  The tech was on time, very polite, and  explained the process.  He was very quick and efficient.  It looks wonderful.  I was so relieved!!  The stain was gone!"

Amber W. Chester VA

"The footrest on my recliner broke.  I was disappointed that the craftsmanship looked so poor.  From the time the technician called to the time the problem was fixed was 3 days. They would have been there the day following the call, but I was not available. The technician was knowledgeable and courteous. The furniture looked brand new. He even tightened all of the bolts on the chair that had become loose.  I am more than satisfied."

Shane G Milford, PA

"There was cat urine on my new furniture and I was very upset and disappointed. This was the first new furniture I have ever been able to purchase and I had it barely a year.  The service technician called before he arrived, and got there on time. He was very polite and got the job done.  It looks good and I felt a lot better and happy that it looked and smelled new again."

Tahisha W. Shawnee, KS

"There was collapsed spring and I was very concerned.  The technician was courteous, knowledgeable, efficient, and provided excellent service.  My furniture is like new and I was pleasantly surprised."

Fred I. Hoschton, GA

"My son accidently pulled the couch cushion off at the corner seam and I was horrified by the damage.  The couch was brand new! The tech showed up on time; he was courteous, worked in a timely manner, and provided excellent workmanship.  You can't even tell it was damaged!  It looks perfect!  I was overjoyed that it looked brand new again."

Sharon W. Curtice, OH

"There was blood on the sofa, so I called on my Guardsman Protection plan.  The technician showed up on time and cleaned the stained areas.  The furniture looks clean again.  A very good job done!" 

Jack F. Lancaster, PA

"I had an ink stain on the loveseat, but I was  relieved  knowing I had purchased the Guardsman protection plan.  The tech was very nice and really worked to get the ink stain out.  It looked brand new; he did a great job!  I'm so satisfied."

Chris H. New Port Richey, FL

"The left hand side of the arm rest was damaged. It once again looks like new and I was extremely satisfied with the work the technician did."

Brenda R. Clermont, FL

"We are completely satisfied with the repair.  The left hand side of the arm rest was damaged.  The former damage is undetectable.  It's like new!"

Donald R. Spring Hill, FL

"The Technician does a great job and is very efficient and easy to be around.  The furniture looks and smells great!  I was very happy and relieved that the results were so acceptable."

Shan P. Estacada, OR

"We found chocolate candy on the loveseat.  The service was great; the cleaning was good; and we were very satisfied!"

James D. Garnet Valley, PA

"I had two ballpoint pen marks on my couch. The service technician was very courteous and was able to quickly clean both stains.  It looks brand new - you can't even see where the stains might have been.  I was very impressed with the removal of the stains especially since this is my favorite couch."

Kari K. Merrimack, NH

"My sofa and love seat had stains from the dog and I could not get them out, which really disappointed me.  The technician was very friendly and did a great job on getting both of the stains out.  It looks like and I am very pleased."

Monica J. Montgomery, TX

"Our wood coffee table had a few small gouges on the surface from the children's toys.  We were upset that the coffee table was damaged because we had it for less than 6 months.  However, we knew it was repairable.  The service technician was prompt, courteous, and friendly.  He also explained how he was going to repair the damage.  We were definitely satisfied with the repair results."

Jennifer R. Milwaukee, WI